Basic Self Defense Techniques in Our Community

Crimes, prowling, kidnapping, rapes and so forth are continually increasing nowadays. In fact, statistics revealed that millions of people worldwide engage in this certain felonious act. This is one of the reasons why each government body is striving hard to eliminate crimes by conducting lots of safety programs. These programs intend to educate every citizen on what to do in case of a threatening scenario.

With the awareness imparted to them, lots of individuals have been alarmed with their recent situations. Because of this, some of them try to study self-defense techniques or any mixed martial arts that could aid in times of threatening situations.

However, for those who can’t perform these techniques, they tend to purchase guns. Buying these weapons need to undergo a tedious process. In addition to this, you may accidentally kill your opponent. One must be a responsible gun owner.

Since this dilemma occurs, an aerospace scientist made a non-lethal weapon that could paralyze your opponents without having some worries that you could injure them massively. These tools are taser guns or taser; a weapon that intends to defend oneself from a perpetrator especially those handling metals like knife. Aside from using defensive tools, how can we really protect ourselves? If you find it too difficult to answer, then here are some suggestions that could probably help you.

1. Comply with your subdivision or village rules. When your local authorities arrange curfew hours, ensure that you follow their order. It’s not that they want to apply paternalism; rather, they intend to ensure your security.

2. If your work demanded you to have overtime, then, inform your village guards. Asking them to please escort you home will prevent possible intruders. Remember that perpetrators usually attack when you are alone.

3. If feasible, avoid walking in dark places. Common victims were attacked by perpetrators in dark places for no one will be able to witness their felonious act.

4. Coordinate as fast as possible to right authorities when you are already experiencing death threats. By this, they will be able to study your case and possibly point out the suspects.

5. Know when to report. Ensure that you have your police station’s contact number and other emergency numbers like 911. Keeping information of right authorities whom you can depend on in case of emergency will help you prevent a possible life threat.

6. Practice buddy system. In walking within your community, assure that you have somebody who will come with you. Remember that you must never allow yourself to be alone.

It’s really hard to ascertain our safety especially nowadays are crimes are very rampant. This is the reason why we need to be knowledgeable in different self-defense techniques and devices. However, we can still manage to protect ourselves by preventing possible danger. How? Collaborate with your village guards as well as community residents. Moreover, it is a must for all of us to be aware and report those suspicious strangers roaming in our places.

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